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We offer a wide range of complete functional formulations for preparation of injecting brines. Our brines are intended for all kinds of smoked pork, beef and poultry.

Their most significant features are:

  • the usage of synergic effect between the highest quality phosphates, hydrocollolides, proteins and antioxidants,
  • reduction of syneresis during storage of smoked products,
  • achievement of appropriate juiciness and consis- tence,
  • equalization and maintenance of colour in inter- section,
  • minimization of thermal losses,
  • the possibility to achieve high capacity of ready products,
  • simplicity and comfort of appliance,
  • universality of application.

We recommend a group of pickling brines which, due to their universality and simplicity of usage, are more and more po-pular among receivers.

The most significant advantages of our functional formulations for pickling brines are:

  • a perfect texture and binding of a ready product,
  • no dye penetrations in intersection,
  • they make the production of small, medium and thick disintegrated sausages possible, from 130 to 230% efficiency,
  • they allow to achieve a significant economic effect,
  • possibility of using the same brine for many pro- ducts, which in turn, minimizes costs.
POWERBIND® - a brine with cellulose – a universal brine for production of highly efficient meat products and medium disintegrated sausages as well as poultry goods.


  • ixation and maintenance of water,
  • improvement of fat emulation,
  • reduction of losses during thermal processing,
  • improvement of texture of a ready product,
  •  limitation of syneresis occurrence (leakage of wa- ter during storage).
Nutritional function is also important - a possibility to lower energetic value and improve intestines’ peristalsis.

We offer four phosphates products for cutting meat:


and two products without phosphates:


  • FRESH SMAK PLUS is a mixture of preservatives and acidity regulators. Preservatives applied to contemporary product-ion of food have the aim of decreasing the speed of microbiological
    and enzymatic processes which are responsible for food spoilage. In accordance with existing regulations
  • FRESH SMAK PLUS can be used for pies without cover and jelly coatings of meat preserves.
  • EMULGO – SMAK is a formulation based on a compound of monoglycerids and diglycerids of fatty acids extracted by lemon acid (E472c).
  • EMULGO - SMAK PLUS is applied in cases of extremely high efficiency. It is a system of monoglycerids and diglycerids connected with hydrocolloids and adequately prepared soya proteins characterized by extended emulsyfing and fixing.

We offer over 100 gustatory compositions such as krakow-ska, cabanos, sausages based on natural sterilized spices.

What is the reason for using natural spices?

  • they have a rich smell and taste,
  • they provide natural taste and aroma,
  • they are ecological,
  • they have a positive effect on digestion and they preserve food,
  • they enrich meat products,
  • we know how to deal and are able to remove their faults such as microbiological infection or dif ferentiation within one batch,
  • appliance of natural ingredients is significant for our health ecology.


These are gustatory compositions prepared on the basis of extracts of spices. They do not cause dye penetration in intersection hich, in case of some assortments, is meaningful. hey assure complete biological purity.

  • they dissolve easily so they can be added to stuff ing together with brine,
  • their taste is analogical to their natural equivalents,
  • their dosage is identical: 5 – 7 g/kg,
  • we assure a complete microbiological purity.


Oferujemy aromaty

  • tinned aroma
  • poultry ham aroma
  • mushroom aroma
  • bacon aroma

Opportunity to create taste and smell impressions.

Our decorative powders make it possible to decorate a var-iety of meat products and at the same time to give them a desired taste.

They are characterized by universalism and simplicity of app-lication.

They are perfect for roast meat, steaks and barbecued meat.

  • Spices for tinned food – meat pies, tinned food, Hungarian goulash and others.
  • Spices for ready meals – minced meat, chicken in a variety of sauces etc.



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