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AGRO-SMAK Company from the very beginning of its existence pays special attention to asssurance of the highest quality of its products.

To confirm our care about the quality of produced spice mixtures and functional agents we made a decision to implement, as the first company of this branch in Poland, EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System. In October 2006 AGRO-SMAK Company was subject to external audit in certification unit and a month later our company was granted a certificate confirming fulfillment of demands enclosed in EN ISO 22000 standards.

To assure the highest quality of our mixtures we take actions every day. The most important ones are:

  • examination of microbiological quality of raw ma- terials as early as at the stage of goods’ accept- ance,
  • examination of functional quality of raw mater- ials,
  • examination of microbiological and functional quality of ready products,
  • monitoring of products’ quality during storage.




We constantly increase our assortment, improve our technologies and production lines by purchasing the newest generation machines.

All spice mixtures created in our laboratories are tested in half technological scale before they are implemented.

Constant monitoring of the production processes by such means as the system of temperature and moisture control in production halls and control of possible filings or metal parts pollutions by detection of all ready products exclude the possibility of committing mistakes during production processes.






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